Need Fuel Additive Applicators for dosing fuel? We've Got Them!

Our unique Fuel Additive Applicators are ‘bolt on’ units that automatically dose fuel additive into vehicle / machinery / vessel fuel tanks after fueliing, or into bulk fuel tanks during fuelling, or directly into the fuel flow during fuelling from either fuel tankers or depot fuel tanks.

Towai Technologies' Fuel Additive Applicators overcome the need to manually dose fuel. They will automatically dose your product accurately every time. This provides peace of mind that the fuel is dosed correctly with no driver or operator input required.

Our Fuel Additive Applicator System is an autonomous and self-contained system that accurately dispenses the correct volume of additive into single or multiple fuel tanks (vehicles, machines, vessels or bulk tanks), or directly into the fuel flow during fuelling. They are well proven and take into account the effects of temperature on the additive viscosity and flow rate.

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Our Applicators support the full range of dosing options and fuel additives.