Need Automatic Additive Dosers for dosing your fuel additive? 

Our unique Automatic Additive Dosers cover all fuel dosing options.

Towai Technologies' Automatic Additive Dosers overcome the need to manually dose fuel. They will automatically dose your fuel additive accurately every time with no operator input required.

Our Automatic Additive Doser System is self-contained, and well proven. 

Do you want to increase sales of your fuel additive? We can provide you with the solution that will eliminate the need for manual dosing and accurately dispense the correct volume of your fuel additive into:

  • Vehicle or machine fuel tanks - dose on completion of fuelling. 
  • Bulk fuel tanks - dose in stages during filling to ensuring even mixing. 
  • Vessel day fuel tanks - dose during fuel transfers at sea. 
  • Fuel flow - dose directly into the fuel flow during fuel tanker or depot deliveries. 

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Our Dosers support the full range of dosing options and fuel additives.