Benefits of Using our Automatic Fuel Additive Dosing Equipment

Fuel additive suppliers - our Dosers or Applicators provide you with the tool to increase sales of your products to customers that are averse to manual dosing.

Trucking companies and other diesel engine operators - our Dosers enable you to obtain the benefits of fuel additives using our automatic fuel dosing systems without the need for your drivers or operators to manually dose their fuel tanks after each fuel fill.

Fuel tanker and bulk fuel tank operators - our Dosers enable you to provide your customers with enhanced fuel.

Main Benefits

Our Automatic Additive Dosers enable fuel additive suppliers to market and sell their products to transport operators and other industries that would not otherwise use their products because of an aversion to manual dosing. They are a valuable tool to help them sell their products.

Vehicle / machine drivers or operators who use a fuel additive without our Automatic Additive Dosers, have to calculate the amount of additive to add for each fuel fill, measure it out and pour it into the fuel tank once fuelling has been completed.  For the benefits to be obtained, it is critical that the correct amount of additive is added to the fuel tank on each and every fuel fill.  This is the major problem because, with human nature being what it is, consistent results are not usually achieved. 

Most vehicle fleet or machine owners / managers don't want their drivers or operators being involved in manual dosing, so without our Applicators they can't obtain the many benefits available from using a fuel additive. 
Plus, our fill and forget technology ensures that the following operators / owners also know that their fuel will be treated automatically during delivery:
  • land based bulk fuel tanks; and
  • fuel delivery tankers directly into the fuel flow during delivery; and
  • vessel day fuel tanks during fuel transfers, including while at sea.
Also, owners / operators can check the Doser operating information over a cellular network via a modem and cellular phone, which includes an alert being sent if the additive level is low, the current fuel tank volume, and when fuel has been added.