Our Dosers Are Packed With Features And Capabilities

We have designed and developed our fully automatic fuel dosing system - and we also manufacture and supply the full range of Fuel Additive Applicators.

Our Dosers cover the full range of automatic additive dosing requirements including for vehicles, machines, vessels, bulk tanks, and directly into fuel flows.

Technical Features

Our Dosers are fully proven for the automatic dosing of vehicle, construction machinery or vessel fuel tanks, plus dosing the fuel flow from fuelling tankers, and comprises:

  • HDPE VX562 additive tank compling with EU TUV regulation ECE R34, Part 1, Annex 5 EU Directive 70/221/EEC for diesel tanks, or stainless steel tank options. 
  • Wet and dry sealed compartments  which incorporate:
    • Wet – additive pump, temperature sensor, and heater if required.
    • Dry - Applicator Control Board with motion Sensor, service LEDs, and RS232 connector socket.
  • Solenoid valve(s) which control the additive flow into the fuel tanks, or directly into the fuel flow while fuelling.
  • A rollover vent.
  • A lockable filling cap.
  • A mounting cradle with vibration rubber strips, which is attached to a vehicle chassis or other suitable surface close to the fuel tanks. 

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Main Features

Our Automatic Additive Dosers are unique, autonomous bolt-on units which dispense the correct amount of fuel additive into the fuel tanks after each fuel fill or directly into fuel flows during fuelling.  They are a break through because they enable fuel additives to be dispensed through installed systems, rather than by manual dosing or through bulk supplies.  They:

  • Provide the complete diesel fuel treatment system that accurately dispenses the correct volume of additive into fuel tanks or fuel flow under varying climatic temperature conditions.
  • Include the full range of dispensing control options so the optimum one can be chosen to meet specific operating environments.
  • Can automatically and accurately dose: for vehicles and machines with from one to four fuel tanks; bulk fuel tanks of any size during fuelling; and directly into the fuel flow while fuelling for any size fuel hose and fuelling pressure.
  • Require no driver / operator input for the automatic Applicators, or minimal driver input for the keypad entry Applicators, so there is no or little training required for the drivers or reliance on them to manually dose every time in all weather and operating environments.
  • Have the option of different additive tank sizes (5 & 20 litres) thus ensuring that, whatever the dosing ratio for the fuel additive is, the tank should only need to be checked at service intervals.

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Vehicle or Machinery Fuel Tanks

Our Automatic Additive Doser will automatically dispense the correct volume of additive into the fuel tank on completion of fuelling. Automatic control of the Applicator is based on inputs from the fuel tank level sender. When an Applicator is installed on a vehicle or machine it is calibrated to take into account the additive system configuration, the fuel tank capacity, and the fuel tank level sender characteristics.

During normal operation, the Doser monitors the level in the fuel tank(s). When a fuel fill is detected, the additive pump and solenoid valve(s) are activated.

They have been installed on many trucks and machines including logging trucks operating in both the harsh forrestry environment and on road for over six years.

Vessel Day Tanks

Our Dosers can also dose vessel day tanks during fuel transfers at sea while the vessel is pitching and rolling, and the fuel level sender readings are affected by the fuel sloshing.

They have been installed on harbour and off shore ferries for over five years.

Fuel Flow System

Our Fuel Flow Applicator will automatically dispense the correct volume of fuel additive directly into the fuel flow of a refuelling or filling system automatically during fuelling. Control is affected by the Applicator receiving a signal from the electronic pulser of the flowmeter.

It is capable of automatically detecting and directly dosing into different size fuelling hoses with different fuel flow rates during the fuelling operation; eg, for say 25mm and 32mm diameter fuelling hoses on the same tanker it will dose the correct volume of additive taking into account the effects of different fuel pressures for each flow rate. On current installations, the fuel pressures have ranged from 30 psi to 140 psi.

The tanker driver or operator simply selects whether or not to provide dosed or undosed fuel at the choice of individual customers - then if dosed fuel is selected the dosing is done automatically.

They have been installed on four fuel tankers for over four years and have dosed around ten million litres of fuel during deliveries.

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Bulk Fuel Tank System

Our Applicator will automatically dispense the correct volume of fuel additive into bulk storage tanks during the fuel filling operation if a suitable fuel level sender is fitted.

The bulk tank installations include a 125,000 litre (33,000 gal) bulk fuel tank with one dosing over one million litres (265,000 gals) of fuel per month for over four years.

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Keypad Display Unit    

The Keypad Display Unit (KDU) provides for a manual entry onto a keypad of the volume of fuel added if no suitable fuel level  sender is fitted. For vehicles, it would normally be mounted in the cab. For bulk tanks, it would normally be mounted close to the fuelling point. It's features include: 12 keys consisting of 0 to 9, Clear and Enter; LCD screen; and an option for PIN capability. sdf

Onboard Computer Options

Our Automatic Additive Dosers support connection to a vehicle's onboard computer to activate the fuel fill conditioning process.  The operation of the Fuel Additive Applicator and system are the same as described above except that the fuel fill signals are received by the Applicator Control Board from a node on the CAN bus for vehicles with protocol J1939 networks.  Each application would be different and final requirements would be defined with the end users and then the interface software would be written.

External Communications

Our Automatic Additive Dosers support external communications with a base or office.  Each application would be different and dependent upon the type of modem, gateway, wireless network and office software used. The final requirements would be defined with the end users and then the interface software would be written.

We can supply a wireless modem with software to communicate with the Doser over a cellular network to receive operating data, low additive level alert, and to power the Applicator off and on.